ECUMO is Sainte Howard. Sainte Howard is a contemporary film-maker and photographer with an eye unlike any other. He has been in the business of filmmaking for 6 years & graduated from City College of New York, one of New York's oldest Film institutions that produced talents like Woody Allen & Stanley Kubrick, to name a few, where he earned BFA Degree in a Film & Video production. He wears multiple hats ranging from writing, shooting, cinematography & editing. His work has caught the eye of prestigious stations such as Europe's SKY TV, which aired his short film on the effects of Hurricane Sandy. Filled with a fresh & unique perspective, he is ready to unleash his talent to the world. If you have a vision, ECUMO can make your vision a reality.

All images whether motion pictures or still pictures are shot and created by Sainte Howard and is under copyright. Do not attempt to use, download, re-use or alter any visuals whether for personal or professional commercial use without proper consent. All rights reserved.